About Running with Heels

Jenny Powers knew that she couldn’t be the only woman who dreaded networking. After attending one too many meaningless rounds of card-passing, two- minute elevator pitch-fests she’d had enough.

She asked for volunteers to attend a focus group; the only requirement? You had to be a woman who hated traditional networking events. She was swamped with responses. She rounded up women with strong opinions. They were eager to participate in networking events that were worthwhile, and they had plenty to say about what didn’t work.

That’s when she knew she was on to something big. She listened as women relayed cringe-worthy stories about traditional networking events. She also realized that there was little return for the time and energy invested. Women weren’t making true connections even though that was the number 1 reason they participated.

Jenny listened. Then she got rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

Running-with-Heels was created and networking didn’t just get better it became something to look forward to. 4 years later, Running with Heels is New York’s invitation-only organization for women executives and entrepreneurs. Jenny knows she’s doing something right every time women stop her to ask about the next event and how they can get a ticket to attend.

Today there are events that bring smart, accomplished women together in a meaningful way. The best part? Jenny curates the membership to make sure everyone can contribute and benefit from the events they attend. She has changed what it means to network.

The live events vary from Jenny’s innovative dinner parties where guests are matched with different dinner companions during each course, to facilitated power lunch and learns.