Running with Circles

The Mastermind Series Guaranteed
to Light a Fire Under Your Heels

This is the place where entrepreneurs dream big while getting a dose of encouragement, accountability, and a push when you need it.

Circles are for women who are determined and focused. It's for those who thrive when they are challenged and supported. I creates my first mastermind group out of necessity. I was motivated by a big vision. I wasn't afraid to do the work but I realized I needed my own version of an advisory board of women I could trust with my ideas. I needed people who could give me real-time feedback and keep me accountable to keep moving forward.

“My experience with this type of mastermind changed my life.”

I was working like crazy and seeing progress but still getting stuck on minor things that would side-track my momentum. I called a couple of contacts and asked if they’d like to be part of a mastermind where we’d all benefit. I offered to plan and organize if they’d show up ready to work, willing to share, and open to breaking a few barriers along the way.

I’m not the only one who experienced big changes.

To date, the original members have accomplished the following:

  • Given a TEDx talk with over 1 million views (and counting)
  • Made Oprah’s list of Self Help Books That Actually Help
  • Named Best Financial podcast of the year
  • Hosted her own prime time TV show
  • Pitched and published articles for NY Post
  • Named monthly financial columnist for O magazine
  • Awarded "New and Noteworthy" recognition for her podcast
  • Given her own blog on The Huffington Post
  • Created a 4-week online course

Every go-getter needs a trusted confidant who will listen. We all benefit from knowing a colleague who can provide that elusive bit of perspective. When we have an honest-to-goodness partner who isn’t afraid to tell us when we’re charging down the wrong path.

Be honest. Your friends and family, though they love you, don’t quite get what you do.

That’s why Running with Circles exists. It’s a curated, in-person accountability group. It’s designed to help dedicated women raise their game and accelerate their success.
We’ll do that over six consecutive months with live, monthly masterminds held in NYC.

Circles isn’t a networking event.

It’s a growth event. It’s not for the hesitant or for those who can’t commit to showing up. It’s for those who are ready to go all in. For themselves and their vision.

It’s an investment in your business and yourself.

It’s for those who are ready to dig in and do the work. The real power of the mastermind comes from the momentum it creates. It’s knowing that there’s a group of people who have your back. It’s a safe place to share ideas, ask for feedback or brainstorm your next big idea. It’s sharing your wisdom with others when they need it.

It’s about stepping up to your highest potential.

It’s about being the best version of you.


  • An absolute commitment to show up ready to work at every monthly meeting
  • The willingness to provide constructive feedback to others within the group
  • A desire to grow and embrace big goals
  • A positive and collaborative mind-set
  • Your best efforts and focus because our time together is limited



One meeting a month for six months facilitated by Jenny Powers, founder of Running with Heels (up to 5 members will join you for guidance and support as you identify and work on your vision)


Access to the Running with Circles Community on Facebook (private group)


Facilitated weekly group check-in call to keep you on track


Monthly leadership call with industry experts to address focused areas for growth (social media, PR, branding etc.)










Circle members are matched to ensure you’ll be connected with peers who can relate to your challenges. Each member is carefully selected to bring value to the group as well as benefit from the insights provided by other members. Your circle will provide you with the ability to forge strong interpersonal relationships as you give and receive support and accountability.
Part of the magic of Running with Heels, and Running with Circles is the care and attention to curating the membership of each mastermind. That’s why our members have amazing results and see growth both personally and professionally.


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