11183469_1464917883806927_7397876417569417409_nAwarded "New and Noteworthy" recognition by Itunes within nine days of its launch, Broadcast: Broads Building Businesses is a weekly interview-style podcast for and about women entrepreneurs.

Each week listeners will meet a select cast of today's most inspiring entrepreneurial thought leaders, taste makers and trendsetters as they share their journey from start-up to exit strategy and everything in between.

Since launching Running With Heels, our Founder Jenny Powers has had the privilege and honor to feature a variety of inspiring women at our live events in New York City. Now she's grabbed a microphone and become our Chief Broad sharing these types of experiences with women around the globe so tune in and subscribe today for free!

Episode 1:

Introducing BroadCast:Broads Building Businesses

Episode 2:

Angela Jia Kim, Om Aroma, Savor Spa & Savor the Success: How a Skin Breakout Lead to a Business Breakthrough

Episode 3:

Kathleen King, Tates Bake Shop:

Episode 4:

Basha Rubin, Priori Legal: Legal Advice for the Masses

Episode 5:

Sandra Gault, True Gault: A Step in the Right Direction with Custom-Tailored High Heel Shoes

Episode 6:

Judy Goss, Over 40 Females: The National Network for Women Over 40

Episode 7:

Melanie Notkin, Savvy Auntie: The Business of Celebrating Aunts By Birth and Aunts by Choice

Episode 8:

Soul Camp – A Summer Camp Experience for Adults

Episode 9:

Elisabeth Cardiello, Caffe Unimatic: How a Discovery in a Warehouse launched a Business

Episode 10:

Bernadette Smith, 14 Stories: America’s #1 LGBT Wedding Planner

Episode 11:

Rha Goddess, Move the Crowd: Stay True. Get Paid. Do Good.

Episode 12:

Violet Alexandre, RunSafe: How an accident turned Violet Alexandre into an accidental entrepreneur

Episode 13:

Maria Seidman, Yapp: Meet Entepreneur Magazine’s Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

Episode 14:

Heather Thomson of Yummie by HT talks business and the business of Real Housewives of NY

Episode 15:

Kate Northrup Tells The Love Story of Money

Episode 16:

Selena Soo is the Introvert Networking Expert Behind The S2Groupe

Episode 17:

Child Entrepreneur Lyla Black Creates Good Nights with Lyla Tov Monsters

Episode 18:

Jennifer Maanavi is the Powerhouse Behind Worldwide Fitness Brand, Physique 57

Episode 19:

Hacking Freedom with Kimra Luna

Episode 20:

Depositing a Gift with Dana Ostomel

Episode 21:

Marni Battista Puts Dignity Back Into Dating

Episode 22:

Home Remedies are a Business Remedy for Debra Cohen

Episode 23:

Founded by Busy Parents, for Busy Parents: The Tale of UrbanSitter with Co-Founder Lynn Perkins

Episode 24:

The Society for Single Moms Created by Emma Johnson

Episode 25:

The One Woman Brand with Jen Groover

Episode 26:

The “Netflix” of Children’s Toys with Shiva Kashalkar of Green Piñata Toy Share

Episode 27:

Cuddling Up to Samantha Hess

Episode 28:

Cooking Up A Business with Rachel Hofstetter

Episode 29:

The Business of Creativity through Artist Empowerment with Jo-Ná Williams

Episode 30:

The Business of Business Etiquette with Myka Meier

Episode 31:

Saving Dinner One Recipe at a Time with Leanne Ely

Episode 32:

Wild about Doing Cool Sh*t with Miki Agrawal

Episode 33:

Loving Yourself Radically with Nikita Chopra

Episode 34:

Tough Cookies Don’t Crumble with Dr. Susan O’Malley

Episode 35:

The Self-Made Entrepreneur with Glambition that Inspires!

Episode 36:

Personal Branding that Fascinates!

Episode 37:

Discover Yourself Through Your Purse with Danielle Watson

Episode 38:

Up Your Social Media Game with Social Fly

Episode 39:

Make Your Bach the Best Bach with JoAnne Barken

Episode 40:

Visualizing Prosperity with Ellen Rogin

Episode 41:

Living an Uncaged Life of Adventure with Rebecca Tracey

Episode 42:

An Introvert Helps Businesses Be More Visible with Jenn Scalia

Episode 43:

I Heart My Life with Emily Williams

Episode 44:

Nicole Lapin: From Rich Bitch to Boss Bitch

Episode 45:

Crush Your Competition with Fabienne Raphaël

Episode 46:

How to Pitch Yourself in 15 Seconds with Laura Allen

Episode 47:

Work Without Sacrificing Your Soul with Sarah Kaler

Episode 48:

Work Less and Earn More with Susie Romans

Episode 49:

Riding the Wave of Bumpboxes with Christine Deehring

Episode 50:

Serious Matchmaking has Serious Profits with Janis and Carly Spindel

Episode 51:

Setting the Bar for Social Media Automation – Laura Roeder of Meet Edgar

Episode 52:

From Show Biz to the Fashion Biz with Jen Menchaca

Episode 53:

The Darling of Mystically Glam Spirituality with Gala Darling

Episode 54:

Agents of Social Change with Rachel Goldstein

Episode 55:

The Chief Sexy Boss with Heather Havenwood

Episode 56:

The Power of the Money Minder with Karen McCall

Episode 57:

Top 10 Lessons Learned in a Year of Interview Top Female Entrepreneurs

Episode 58:

How a Serial Entrepreneur Built Two Companies from the Ground Up with Joan Barnes

Episode 59:

Do You Know How to Listen on Social Media? It can help your business!

Episode 60:

From Cubicle Frustration to a Million Dollar Online Business with Caitlin Pyle

Episode 61:

“Talking Shrimp” with Laura Belgray

Episode 62:

Everyone Needs a Mom with Nina Keneally

Episode 63:

The “Bear” Necessities of Business: Building a Company with Heart with Maxine Clark

Episode 64:

Empowering Women for Re-Entry to the Workforce with Jennifer Gefsky

Episode 65:

Unleashing Success on the Joyful Planet with Patrice Tanaka

Episode 66:

Living your dream with Joya Dass, Business News Anchor and Entrepreneur

Episode 67:

The Best of Family Life and Home-based Business with Lesley Pyle

Episode 68:

Wear Your Imagination: Picture This Clothing Founder Jaimee Newberry

Episode 69:

The F-Factor Diet By Nutrition Guru Tanya Zuckerbrot and Why It Makes A Lot Of Sense!

Episode 70:

Christine McAlister: Live Your Passion

Episode 71:

Break the Rules and Live Your Bliss with Makenna Johnston

Episode 72:

Get Some Curvy Girlz Confidence with Precious Williams

Episode 73:

The quotes that built my business are also helping people” –Pratima Aravabhoomi

Episode 74:

Re-Inventing Your Business After Tragedy with Afrin Khan

Episode 75:

Jessica Rhodes: Connected to Business Success

Episode 76:

Megan Grassel: She changed the bra industry for young girls

Episode 77:

Carrie Kerpen: All the Social Ladies in Business

Episode 78:

Raegan Moya Jones: From the Kitchen Table to a Million Dollar Business

Episode 79:

Using Breather to Level Up Your Brand Appearance with Caterina Rizzi

Episode 80:

She’s Building Her Empire – Stacy Tuschl

Episode 81:

Capturing Your Childlike Innocence Again with Michelle Joni

Episode 82:

Building a Recession Proof Brick and Mortar Business and Franchising with Laura Spaulding Koppel

Episode 83:

Hitting the Sweet Spot by Finding a Customer Pain Point with Jean Brownhill

Episode 84:

Breaking Up Isn’t So Hard with Never Liked It Anyway – Annabel Acton

Episode 85:

No More Banishing Moms to the Restroom with Moms Pump Here with Priya Nembhard

Episode 86:

Spice Up Your Life and Slim Down Your Body with Nagina Abdullah

Episode 87:

Don’t Let Fear or Logic Talk You Out of Your Dreams with Terra Winston

Episode 88:

The Business of the Practice with Bea Arthur

Episode 89:

Getting to the Heart of Soul Rich Woman with Genecia Alluora

Episode 90:

Know Your Flight Rights with Tatyana Mitkova of Claim Compass

Episode 91:

The Fast Lane to Making Fiction a Reality with Elizabeth Doyle Carey and Carrie Doyle